This story has been sweeping the internet for the past week or two. A highschool group decided to eschew the classic plays often performed, and instead put on a full production of the 1979 movie Alien. The North Bergen High School drama club in New Jersey went all out, self funding, adapting the movie, and building the entire set. They created costumes and set pieces from scrap material and frankly, knocked it out of the park.

Up until recently, there were only snippets and teasers available on the internet. The crew put together this teaser to highlight the cast, and a few proud parent clips were winding up on twitter, but you couldn’t watch the whole thing.

Just look at those pictures! The production immediately drew some attention because, well, it looks incredible. It spread like wildfire and ended up gaining the support of Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver.

Now, the play has been uploaded in its entirety, so you can enjoy. Keep in mind, this isn’t a professional big budget production. This group of determined highschoolers did this on a shoestring and the video itself was simply filmed from someone in the audience. Still, the play is incredibly enjoyable.

[feature image: Paul Owens]