Adam Woodworth has a wonderful hobby of hacking together off-the-shelf Star Wars toys and common R/C components to make flying creations that look and maneuver just like the the ships and speeders we’ve all fallen in love with on the big screen. He’s delighted crowds at many Maker Faires, and plans to bring more of his drones to San Mateo next week too. (Be sure to come! Tickets available here.)

His latest build boldly goes where none of his builds have gone before, if I may mix up sci-fi universes. Instead of flying through the air, his Star Destroyer floats softly through the water, allowing him to get cinematic slow-motion shots if it passing overhead, just like those that start each installment of the movies.

The build is pretty simple inside: Adam stuffed a cheap toy submarine inside a Revell Star Destroyer model, with some weighting added and a few extra lights installed for effect.

It looks great, and is a fun new twist on his Star Wars vehicle hacks. Follow him on Instagram for more of his great work.