A new competition has popped up that is focusing on engineering simulation in academia. If you’re attending an ABET accredited school, and running simulations in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, multi-body dynamics, optimization, electromagnetics or bio-engineering is totally your jam, keep reading!





Engineering.com and NAFEMS America have put together this exciting opportunity where you can enter your simulation to win not only $1000 but also a trip to CAASE20! Each region’s winners also get put in an additional drawing for a chance to go to NAFEMS World Congress in Salzburg, Austria and present their study.

To get those creative engineering juices flowing, check out this completely un-related-to-the-contest video. This is a fantastic display of various fluid dyamics simulations as an advertisement for simulation software.

To enter your work, go to ProjectBoard and read the details, then get cracking on that simulation!