This series of articles, Chicago Shield, is about the COVID-19 response organized by a group of makers who knew each other through Chicago’s network of makerspace. They created a “mesh network” to organize the production and distribution of face shields, starting in Chicago and the suburbs. They called it the Illinois PPE Network. Within several weeks, they have achieved production of 6500 face shields per day and began serving 50 medical facilities throughout the state, and they are ramping up to produce many more. This rapid civic response by individuals acting together in a self-organizing group is emblematic of what I’ve called Plan C. This volunteer effort is itself a shield, helping protect health care workers and others in the community from exposure to COVID-19.


  1. Introduction
  2. A Mesh Network for Making Face Shields
  3. The Solin Flatpack Face Shield
  4. Who’s Not in the Network
  5. Binge-making with Dan Meyer

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