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Make: Projects Is Finally Here For You To Collaborate And Share Your Passion

“Maker Culture” is a term that may have slightly different meanings to different groups. Mechanical engineers may view “maker culture” as something very different than a woodworker would. One thing that everyone would agree on, however, is that sharing is a core aspect of any maker culture. Whether you are collaborating from the beginning or showing off at a Maker Faire after you’ve brought your creation to live, sharing is always a huge aspect to making, and one that every kind of maker can participate in.

With that core concept of sharing in mind, we are proud to announce Make: Projects, a collaboration with  Make: Projects is the closest experience you can get to a Maker Faire, online. Launching with over 25,000 existing members and 8,000 projects ready to explore, you’ll find a beautiful beginning, just waiting for you to share your idea.

While you can Show & Tell your already finished project here, you’ll find that a strong point of Make: Projects is collaboration. You can post a concept or idea and have engineers and makers from around the globe view your work and offer thoughts. Features such as the “white board”, an online sketching/drawing tool make it easy to share tweaks and ideas back and forth within a project.

Check out how easy this new system is!

In this video you can see how powerful the tools for collaboration are. Not only can you create a project and interact with people, you can actually build a team to work on the issues together.


This new online destination will be home to contests, design challenges, group projects, and even more ideas that we’re exploring.

Go to and sign up for free right now to get started!


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