YouTube’s content covers a broad range of topics, including the many facets of making, and over the years we’ve seen a number of creators establish themselves and their skills on the platform. So what does it take to become a successful YouTube maker? In the new issue of Make: magazine (vol.74 — get it here in print, PDF, or grab a subscription), we reached out to some of the brightest video personalities to get their stories and advice for those who want to start sharing their own projects online as well. It’s a fun piece full of great information from:

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As good as the article is (and, in my opinion, it’s fantastic), the magic of YouTube is the video aspect itself, so we’ve pulled many of these great makers together for a big group discussion. Join us this Thursday, August 27th, at 5pm ET/2pm PT Watch the recap of the discussion above as the contributors gathered to talk about how they got started and what they’ve learned along the way. It was a live session broadcast on all our main Make: video channels, with lots of questions from the viewers. Cant’ wait to do it again.