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With this global pandemic still looming over our heads here in the United States, Halloween has become the next event in our timeline to present big decisions. Will people take their kids out? How will they stay safe?

Makers are always full of ideas and of course Halloween being one of the most elevated maker holidays, brings out many of those great ideas. Here are a few ways that people can still socially distance, and deliver that sweet Halloween treat.

Wickedmakers show off the most popular style we’ve seen so far, the candy chute or slide. The basic concept is simple, just a pipe or slide that you can drop candy down to stay at least 6 feet away from people, but still have a nice social time.  They’ve taken it a bit further though, decorating and embellishing it fantastically.

Thompson Woodworks is taking a slightly different approach with a ghoulish zip line. Their retrieval system using a fishing reel is pretty slick. While this video does contain alcohol delivery as well, keep in mind that in some areas this is legal and accepted as a Halloween night activity and in others, you can not drink alcohol in public.

This racecar track concept by Spooky_me is pretty cool. A little bit of a diorama around it, and it could really provide a visually interesting delivery system! This one makes us wonder where all the model train enthusiasts are!

This arduino powered vending machine might be another great solution. Just be sure to get out there and sanitize those buttons frequently. If you follow this link you’ll find an entire project breakdown on this one from way back in 2015.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, please be safe and wear a mask. While looking at these incredible solutions, we kept asking ourselves, what is the best way to sterilize the candy? So please let us know if you have good solutions for that!


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