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Inventables Announces the X-Carve Pro CNC Router

Inventables has made quite a name for themselves in the maker community with their X-Carve CNC router and Easel software. Today, they announced a new product, the X-Carve Pro, which raises the bar on their lineup.

Aside from just being a beautiful piece of product design, this thing boasts some decent specs as well. Both models are wide enough for a 4 foot piece of plywood to fit through. One model has a 2 foot bed (4’x2′), and the other a 4 foot bed (4’x4′), but the passthrough means that you’ll be able to cut full 4’x8′ sheets with some intentional software layout. The spindle is 2HP, and with ball screws and linear rails they’re touting a 0.001 inch accuracy.

Both models are available for preorder now, with special reduced pricing. The 4’x4′ at $11,995 (current deal puts it at $6,495) and the 4’x2′ model at $9,995 (current deal puts this at $5,495).

Learn more or preorder on their site.

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