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This year, BIG things are all the rage (not that they haven’t been popular in the past!). You don’t need to rush out and spend hundreds of dollars on a store bought piece to wow your neighbors though, in these 4 videos you’ll see how you could build a giant spider in a few creative ways.

This one from The Lavender Lemon is very impressive and even has a few tips for webbing. They really went all out in creating that creepy hairy texture and mood lighting!

In this build log from Paul Jones, you’ll see how he created this extremely convincing giant spider. Bonus points for those realistic looking eyes!

Threadbanger brought in the geek cred with this one, recreating Aragog, the massive arachnid from the Harry Potter series. Aragog happens to be furry, and their results are awesome, and possibly a little cuddly for a spider.


The largest of the group happens to be Miz Moolah’s first youtube video! She absolutely knocked it out of the park and her results were spactacularly gargantuan.


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