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You Could Play With Some Serious Industrial AI In Make’s Latest Contest

It isn’t every day that makers get to take a $5,000 industrial AI platform to pull off their dream project. Yokogawa, a world leader in industrial automation, reached out to us because they want to see what makers can do with the E-RT3 Plus. After years of seeing incredible projects based around maker tech like the Arduino and Raspberry pi, it is time to step up to some serious power.

Come up with the most awesome and impressive project you can think of, harnessing the power of the E-RT3 Plus . If your submission is one of the 10 selected, Yokogawa will ship you one, and you get to build and document your project. This is truly a rare opportunity to step up to some seriously professional tools that many simply would never get a chance to work with.

To learn more about the contest, deadlines, requirements, and prizes, hop over to Make: Projects to get the details.


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