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Driving is a right of passage to most teens and a possible explanation for why they tend to be car crazy, but who are we kidding? Cars are an incredible engineering and innovation feat. 

In 2018 the drivable LEGO Bugatti was all the rage but watch out, seasoned engineers, the next generation is upping the anti before college.

A group of teens from Vietnam decided to make a fully operational Bugatti out of clay!  It took them a year, and we can’t imagine how many hours, but the finished product is mind-boggling. 

​​Simas Snežko, the creator behind Generic Woodworking on Youtube, built a wooden vehicle powered by a cordless drill. Features include working wooden turbo V8, brakes, speedometer, and more. It’s a perfect example of good things coming in small packages. It is designed without any CAD and uses soap to lubricate the moving parts and prevent them from becoming a fire hazard.   And technically could be driven by a tiny human.