5 More Clever Tool Storage Solutions


We got on a roll there last week, scaring up awesome tool storage solutions, and couldn’t stop finding worthy candidates after the we’d published 20 Brilliant Tool Storage Solutions. So, here are five more ideas to keep your shop re-org juices flowing.

Garden Hose Tool Hanger

FH060611_002_GARSTO_08Sometimes seeing someone else’s outside-the-box thinking for a design solution can inspire your own. I never would have thought of this use for garden hose, but this makes me immediately think of other ways segments of garden hose can be used as tool holders. [Source]

Pegboard Tool Slides

In the first piece, we covered the space-saving tool magazine concept. Here, you save similar space by using a number of pegboards that slide vertically under a workbench. This seems like a really smart way to get a lot of tools organized and stowed in a relatively small space. [Source]

Glue Caddy

24cb2d4d70d34e9464a72dc124e89e4fSome people swear by the idea of storing their glues upside down. If you’re one of these people, here’s a way of storing all of your main glues in caddy that keeps the bottles inverted when not in use. [Source]

Between Studs Grinder Hangers

b8df74196ab6103900ad62a850d20533Sometimes, it’s just this easy, a piece of metal bar stock screwed across two wall studs to create a simple angle grinder holder. This could obviously used to hold all sorts of tools. This between-studs space in a shop is very valuable storage real estate that is often overlooked. [Source]

More Uses for PVC Pipe



457cecd5f7068b979b03e276d4848437There are a million PVC-based holders and other storage solutions that make use of the ubiquitous plastic piping. Here are two more. To find dozens more, do an internet or Pinterest search. [Source]

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