555 chips? Bet you can’t eat just one

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Every wirehead knows about breadboards, prototyping board, circuit design software, and other tools for circuit designing, but what about Lifesavers, SweeTarts, and Twix components on a graham cracker substrate? It takes the “differently wired” high domes over at Evil Mad Scientist Labs to dream up the idea of modeling circuits out of candy snacks. Models of functioning circuits you can eat! Just make sure you keep a watchful eye on ’em…

“Where’s my 555 circuit layout?”
“Wi’m ewing wit.”
“You’re EATING my schematic!?”
[Hilarity ensues.]

Circuitry Snacks – Link

10 thoughts on “555 chips? Bet you can’t eat just one

  1. sherab says:

    Good Lord! They really are evil
    My Waistline

  2. quarkygluon says:

    erm… i think this one would oscillate a little fast to notice the blinky gumdrop.

    I’m getting a tau of around .78 milliseconds while charging, and half that for discharge?

    maybe lifesavers have higher resistances ;)

  3. samurai1200 says:

    I tried posting when this was posted yesterday, but i guess MAKEblog hates people who surf at night.

    Anywho, according to
    and assuming that the first color on those resistors is green, then that yields a T1 of 693ms and a T2 of 347ms. That’s a good rate for some gumdroppy goodness.

  4. Windell_Oskay says:

    The resistors are coded Brown-black-yellow-“gold” for 100K and the cap is 1 uF, so the 555 calculator tells me that the frequency should be about 5 Hz… until you eat it.

  5. mkeblx says:

    Great idea, but now my soldering iron is all gooey.

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