8 Mural Masterpieces to Inspire Your Blank Wall

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If you’re bored with the normal white or beige on your wall, then maybe a more interesting painting in your house is the solution! Check out these eight creative painting ideas to give your home some creative flair.

Straight Lines to Curved Shapes


This clever design turns a series of straight lines into something that resembles a kaleidoscope of strange shapes. As seen in the linked photo set, a lot of planning and tape was needed for this project.

[via Reddit]

Mario Kart Nursery


As featured in 2015 on Make:, this nursery is beautifully decorated in a Mario Kart theme, including a car on the ceiling!

Angry Birds Space Mural

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For a better idea of the painting process, here’s a a time-lapse of an Angry Birds Space mural being painted. The way it’s painted to show the game “breaking through” the wall is a nice touch.

Outdoor House Doodle

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Whether or not someone lives in this house, the unique black-and-white art on the outside should be a visual treat for any people passing by!

Mural at “James House”


As with the outdoor house doodle, whether or not people live here might be an open question, but the unique art outside is quite nice. Incorporating the window was used as part of the painting is a neat technique.

Black-and-White and Color Inside Mural

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This piece of art, which appears to be in an actual house features a woman primarily painted in black-and-white with a colorful background. Check out the time-lapse to see how it was made.

Holding Up a House


Perhaps this guy is practicing to be Atlas, or maybe his aims are more destructive! Using two walls like this gives the piece of art a great sense of perspective.

Geometric Wall Howto


If you’d like to paint your bedroom in a geometric pattern, this guide should give you some pointers.

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