Adorable Easter-themed Yeti Will Maul Your Heart Apart

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Adorable Easter-themed Yeti Will Maul Your Heart Apart


Fill your baskets with some woolly cuteness this Easter. Check out these egg shaped toys created by California based artist, Vicky of Asher Jasper.

I can’t get enough of her cuddly creations, like this yeti with removable bunny ears. Things made of wool are generally pretty cute by nature, but her egg shaped characters are pretty much the epitome of adorable. There are even some more recognizable characters in her bunch, including Batman and Catwoman.

Needle felting is the art of stabbing wool with a barbed needle which compacts the fibres and allows you to create 3D forms. For more info about this art form, be sure to check out these links.


All of these toys are available for sale in Vicky’s Etsy shop. You can check out even more of her work over on her Flickr stream.

3 thoughts on “Adorable Easter-themed Yeti Will Maul Your Heart Apart

  1. rea5245 says:

    “Things made of wool are generally pretty cute by nature”: Even Cthulu looks cute when he’s a stuffed animal.

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