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I make no secret of my love for Selvedge magazine, and I’m totally into their free angora gloves pattern. They ran an excerpt from Faith, Hope, Knitting, Love by Lorna Miser in their print magazine, but you can download the pattern from their website (and check out their other free patterns and how-tos, for everything from textile doorstops to soap). Here’s what they have to say about the gloves: “Angora is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, but like wool, stays warm even when wet. They’re ‘fuzz-less’ as they’re knit, but after wearing the angora blossoms, creating a warm, fuzzy halo for the hands.”

6 thoughts on “Angora Glove Pattern

  1. atthe1 says:

    When the knitting pattern is printed it cannot be read. there was no opportunity to enlarge the print therefore the pattern is of no use. It did say the pattern was available free but that is not the case.

  2. Arwen O'Reilly Griffith says:

    Sorry about that! I could read it on the screen but didn’t try printing it. I would contact Selvedge and see if they can release the image as a pdf instead of a jpg. Their contact list is here:

  3. Heather Logan says:

    This pattern is confusing at best. The fingers are clearly worked in the round, not back-and-forth. E.g., to clarify for the index finger: knit 5 (the first 5 stitches of one side of the hand, starting from the thumb edge); cast on 2 (I recommend backwards loop: looks clean when picked up from); knit 5 (the LAST 5 stitches from the OTHER side of the hand, joining up with the first knit 5 to work in the round). You will need 3+1 needles to knit the finger in the round, so I’d recommend putting the rest of the stitches on hold on waste yarn. Hope this helps…

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