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Billboard Liberation Front talk

Over at we make money not art, Regine has an article about a recent talk given by the Billboard Liberation Front at The Game is Up! Festival in Ghent.

Billboard Liberation Front’s talk at Vooruit, Ghent

10 thoughts on “Billboard Liberation Front talk

  1. frogsoceity says:

    Since these “liberation” artists are so gung-ho about opening minds and letting people think for themselves, isn’t it a weird coincidence that they always have leftwing messages?

  2. liberalfascism says:

    Read “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

  3. Billboard Liberation Front talk Becky Stern says:

    Very interesting, thanks Gar!

  4. Firebert says:

    I considered modifying campaign signs for racism apologist Ron Paul to read “Ru Paul.”

    And Jonah Goldberg is a bald-face liar.

    1. Tengo Miyamoto says:

      Recall that it was your figure men on the Left, like Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, that were racists and racist apologists themselves. Also, Ron Paul abhors racism, he simply defends a racist’s right to peacefully do whatever, so long as it harms no one.

      And it’s bold-faced liar, not bald-faced liar.

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