Binary keyboard gives you RSI even faster

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Binary keyboard gives you RSI even faster


Here’s a nice how-to on building a binary keyboard from an existing keyboard. The only thing they forgot to mention is how much time you’ll waste or pain you’ll endure trying to type an email with it.

How to make a binary keyboard – [Link]

14 thoughts on “Binary keyboard gives you RSI even faster

  1. monopole says:

    Binary keying do it right and you can manage 40 wpm without RSI!

  2. gadgetlust says:

    I don’t understand why a binary keyboard would need two buttons. Isn’t this really a trinary keyboard?

  3. Atharsia says:

    gadgetlust –

    you need 2 buttons for a binary keyboard due to the fact that you need to actually input 2 separate characters… the 1 and the 0…

  4. Stokes says:

    If you had such perfect rhythm you could maintain a consistent baud rate, you would only need one button.. :-)

  5. keyma5ter says:

    One button: Morse Code

  6. SabrinaHeaven says:

    That was not very helpful.

  7. ste says:

    How thick you have a ones and zeros on your normal keyboard whats teh point in destroying perfectly good keyboard?

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