Björk’s Crochet Costumes

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Björk’s Crochet Costumes


Bjork Volta 4

I have always loved Björk and her music. She’s just so adorably cute that I have even forgiven her for the swan dress she wore to the Oscars. Now I love her even more in her free form crochet costume (found via knitgrrl) she’s been wearing on her latest tour and is in another one on the cover of her new album. Her costumes are created by The Icelandic Love Corporation where you can see more of the beautiful free form crochet design work. Link.

Also don’t miss more photos of Björk’s in her crochet costume here. – Link.

2 thoughts on “Björk’s Crochet Costumes

  1. Caya says:

    The top one looks like she won a hard fight against a Crochet-Monster, and is now proudly wearing it’s pelt.

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