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Here’s an enjoyable vid of a blacksmith forging a leaf keychain. Edited down from a 2-hour process, this under 6min clip still manages to give me that pleasant feeling of ‘maker zen’ upon viewing.
[Thanks, Zach!]

I can’t help but be a bit reminded of the mother of all maker zen clips, Claude Paillard’s very awesome Fabrication d’une lampe triode.

Idea – Anyone have any suggestions for a MAKE kit or project build they’d like to see performed in a similar style? I may not have the seasoned skills seen in the above video examples, but I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron, snips, and needle-nose pliers. Leave a comment if anything comes to mind.

10 thoughts on “Blacksmithing a leaf

  1. pruk says:

    Maker Zen. I like those words. Brought a smile of recognition.

  2. hojo says:

    very nice… skilled craftsmen make it look easy.

  3. denotsKO says:

    Wire-wheel with no gloves = Craftsman or partially skeletonized finger

    I’ll bet one state came before the other.

  4. carpespasm says:

    I’ve been using one since I was but a wee lad without gloves and brushing my fingers on it while running has never been much of a problem. If it’s in a shrouded grinder body then you might get caught and “sucked” in, and I guess you could get wrapped up on the open wheel like this, but I’ve never had much more than polished fingernails and abraded fingertips from not using gloves.

    Can anyone comment on the general hazard of this? My experience has been that as long as you’re letting the wheel do the work and don’t push too hard you’re in pretty good shape.

  5. codesuidae says:

    My metalworking instructors at the local community college insisted we work at the wheels bare-handed. They said that someone who is going to be careless is going to be careless whether they have gloves or not, and if they have gloves the flappy bits at the tip of the fingers is much more likely to get caught and pulled into a machine than skin.

    Also seems to me that working barehanded after removing the welding gloves I use with hot metal reminded me of how vulnerable my hands were and so I was more aware of the potential for injury, and so more careful as a result.

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