Book Excerpt: Radial Raindrop Earrings from Kilobyte Couture

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Kilobyte Couture is a fun new book written by Brittany Forks and published by Watson-Guptill. Brittany offers simple tutorials on how to make jewelry from easy-to-find computer components. In the introduction, Brittany writes:

For most of my college career, I worked in the Electrical and Computer Engineering building. This gave me access to more geeks and computers than I could shake a stick at. I loved the fact that if I had a computer problem, I could just ask around until I found somebody who was an expert. One day at work I found a box of old resistors and capacitors, and they came in such beautiful colors: sky blue, bright orange, and sea foam green. I immediately wanted to make something with these spare parts, but what? Then it hit me: jewelry! I quickly went to the craft store and bought a few tools, and then came back and started crafting. At first I just gave my pieces to friends and family; but after a while the idea came to me to put them on the Internet, so I began selling my little creations on To my delight, they sold well, so I took it to the next level by building a professional website. Thus, Kilobyte Couture was born.

Today, we share with you an excerpted project from the book: the Radial Raindrop earrings (pictured above), which use 4 resistors and 2 capacitors to create some serious geek couture. Download the PDF to start crafting, and pick up a copy of Brittany’s book for lots more where that came from!
If you’re interested in finding out what resistors and capacitors really do, there are no hotter videos online explaining them than on our sister site, Check out Collin Cunningham breaking down The Resistor and The Capacitor.

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