A Breath of Fresh Air: DIY Gel Air Fresheners

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DIY Gel Air Fresheners

DIY Gel Air Fresheners

Turns out, vodka and gelatin are good for more than just jello shots. With a little help from your favorite essential oils, you can transform those common party staples into your own custom-scented DIY gel air fresheners!

DIY Gel Air Fresheners

Whether you’ve got curious kids in the house or a hot date coming over and a pile of dirty laundry lurking in the closet, DIY gel air fresheners are a great alternative to candles for bringing great-smelling scents to your most-used rooms. (Of course, if your kids are little, you’ll definitely want to put the air fresheners up and out of reach so they’re not accidentally mistaken for edible treats!) The best part: since you’re making them from scratch, in addition to choosing the perfect scent, you can also add color or decorations to the mixture before it sets so your finished air fresheners will perfectly match your home’s decor.

As a gal who loves floral fragrances, but hates pink and purple candles—they clash terribly with the primary colors on my walls and furniture—this project sounds like the perfect chemical-free solution for my scent-related troubles.

Want to give it a try? Check out this easy-to-follow DIY gel air freshener tutorial from Stephanie at Hello Natural.

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  2. Walter McGhee says:

    did these not work well for anyone else? Or did they work great? Mine do not have a strong smell, unfortunately. I wish they turned out better, this is a great idea

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