Brooklyn Loft Cabin

Craft & Design

I currently live in one of the oldest live/work loft buildings in San Francisco. It’s true what they say, loft living comes with its advantages and disadvantages.
The plus side: the square footage is generous, the ceilings are high, and I can make any structural changes so long as they’re to code. The downside: the loft is so huge I can’t begin to keep it clean, the ceilings are high but I still have to walk hunched over upstairs to duck the exposed pipes … and that’s because someone else built the rickety, poorly-conceived, overspanned mezzanine which now requires a complete tear down and rebuild. I know, I know. Boohoo, poor me.
But when I see amazing, thoughtful, playful loft construction such as this Bushwick Cabin in a Loft by architect Terri Chiao, I am inspired all over again to get off my duff and make my dream space come true! I mean, come on people. A cabin and a treehouse! BRAVO! [via Design Boom]

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