Build a theramin from an old alarm clock

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Build a theramin from an old alarm clock

This theramin project uses readily available components and the circuit is based around only two transistors, a capacitor, and a photo-resistor. The cases were built from old alarm clocks and the photo sensor and existing snooze button are used for triggering the circuit. Check out the parts list and how-to instructions at the link below.

2 Transistor Theramin Project via GetLowFi

2 thoughts on “Build a theramin from an old alarm clock

  1. Max says:

    Okay, first off it’s “theremin”, with two E’s. The link website spells it correctly, even!

    Second, that’s not a theremin, it’s a light-dependent oscillator – aka ‘Optomin’. Just because a circuit changes the frequency of an oscillator, doesn’t make it a theremin – not even if you wave your hand near it to change the note.

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