Building a String Art Robot Looks Difficult

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Building a String Art Robot Looks Difficult

String art, by itself, is already really fun to look at. Just staring at it, you can trace the path of all these different motions that result in a final image. This project takes that experience a step further and allows us to trace all the steps of creating a robot, that then creates the string art.

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Paul MH has shared this video of how he built a robot to make string art. This task seems fairly simple at first but if you watch you’ll see that there are so many different problems that arise during the process of weaving the strings.

The path from idea to end process required that Paul completely shift the methods he intended to use more than once. He stuck with it though and in the end we got cool string art, a cool robot that creates that string art, and a video that takes us down the thread of that whole process.

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