Call for Koala Mittens

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Call for Koala Mittens


A wildlife organization in Australia called the International Fund for Animal Welfare put out a call this week for homemade mittens for koalas whose paws were burned by the bushfires in South Australia and Victoria.

Koalas urgently need your help. We may see more koalas coming into the care of wildlife groups for treatment of burns. We urgently need mittens made from 100% cotton sheets or tea towels to protect injured paws. Please cut out our pattern and get your friends to get sewing too. Send your mittens to IFAW at 6 Belmore Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 and we will distribute them where they are most needed – to vets, vet nurses and wildlife carers.


The pattern is very simple and quick to make because all the mittens really need to do is cover the koalas’ bandaged paws. The mittens do need to be made from clean 100% cotton fabric, so they suggest using old sheets, tea towels or cotton t-shirts.

UPDATE: International Fund for Animal Welfare have just posted on their Facebook page that they’ve already received enough “high-koality home-sewn mittens.” Good job everyone!

[via Daily Mail]

0 thoughts on “Call for Koala Mittens

  1. helma Parkin says:

    These are NOT needed as my Charity group have checked on it here in Australia and the animals are bandaged and don’t need these

    1. Daniele Tosten says:

      Now, I am really confused. I can see that they are useful to protect the bandages. When my dog had to have a toe amputated, I put children’s slipper socks over the bandage and it worked great.

  2. helma Parkin says:

    Sorry here are two lots of info from different place so it will be up you if you do them as postage will be expensive..

    1..This is a tweet from the rescue rep…….”AMWRRO Aaron Machado: “When we
    rebandage these paws & claws we have to make sure they have the
    ability to use them” mitten appeal is useless”

    2…Casey told me they have about 100 pairs at the moment, but by next week should know more of what is going to arrive.
    She said they (IFWA) are still appealing for mittens because even if they
    get too many it won’t matter as they will store them for future use as
    the bush fire season is not over
    IFWA will be sending mittens to places that need them all over Australia.
    (not just SA) The mittens are a disposable item, so each Koala needs
    more than one pair. I don’t know how often burns bandages are changed
    but I imagine it would be on a regular basis and the outer mitten would
    get dirty very quickly. Not a good thing for burn injuries.
    As for climbing with mittens on.. I don’t know… My thoughts would be
    that the Koala would not be inclined to be too active considering how
    unwell it would be feeling.
    Casey said that cotton tape for the tie is good, or anything that is easy for
    the maker. Just so the mitten can be “tied” on and not come off.
    I will be making some mittens, based on the information that I have received from the organisation sending out the appeal.
    What others decide to do is a matter of personal choice.

  3. helma Parkin says:

    This is from a Lady on my charity knit group here in Australia

    I have received many calls and enquiries about the koala mittens and
    have done a bit of follow up. At this stage, they have enough mittens
    to supply every koala in the State with a new pair of mittens every day
    for years, and 2 pairs on a Sunday. Lol. So, as many appeals for
    mittens give a NSW address to post them to, save your postage ladies.
    thanks very much for the thought and your care and compassion.


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