Christian Schallert’s LEGO-Style Home

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Christian Schallert’s LEGO-Style Home

I’ve been into tiny houses for years now (after all, I live in a bus). But when I saw Christian Schallert‘s remodeled Barcelona pigeon loft, my mouth hit the floor. Driven by practicality, but without compromising on aesthetics, these 258 square feet have all the creature comforts of a larger home … folded neatly away in the walls.
To use a piece of furniture, Schallert must first click on one of his many spring-loaded panels and — voilà! — the kitchen, table, or wardrobe is revealed. His bed rolls out from under the balcony stairs, and the shower is a glass box tucked neatly in the corner. In a small space, everything is within reach. And best of all, cleanliness is only a closed door away.

“At the end of the day, what do you need for living? You need a nice comfortable mattress, nice clean sheets, running water, a shower, and a stove to cook something … You don’t much more stuff.”

[via Tiny House Blog]

4 thoughts on “Christian Schallert’s LEGO-Style Home

  1. Paul Hassing says:

    Brilliant! Best thing I’ve watched for weeks. Many thanks for broadening my mind. Best regards, P. :)

  2. Sofia says:

    Hello, my name is Sofia its awesome, how Christian Schallert built the cabinets where do you find his designs to build. Does he have a DIY booklet you can purchase to build this design.

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