Colored pencil fence makes it easier to catch burglars

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If you are worried about crooks scaling the walls to your house, the colored pencil fence will mark your assailant’s clothes before they even get to your door. This should make it much easier to identify them in a police lineup, that is if they don’t change their clothes.

Colored pencil fence – [via]

10 thoughts on “Colored pencil fence makes it easier to catch burglars

  1. ani says:

    oh that is Kawaii

  2. featheredfrog says:

    You know, following link to blog to link to blog to link… etc. NOWHERE is there anything other than the picture. No source. No attribution, except another “via”. Anyone know where this one ORIGINATES?

  3. jbc says:

    not sure where it originates from actually.. I tried to find it, but Googling around didn’t produce much.. it must have been a pic taken on the street by someone walking around, etc..

  4. wayn3w says:

    So how do we know it is not a Photoshop job?

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