Electronic Demon Costume Tutorial

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Halloween is right around the corner, and this awesome electronic demon costume is sure to cause a ruckus on your trick-or-treating adventures. The costume features glowing EL wire wings and horns, an animated LED matrix face, and an Arduino-based voice changer, and Adafruit gives you the tutorials you need to make one of your own.

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Spark the demon, as he’s known, wasn’t carefully planned out, and he’s had some upgrades since his beginning, but the process started out pretty simply. After all, the whole project is run on one Arduino! The face is composed of a Halloween-style mask, (something like a Nightmare on Elm Street “Jason” hockey mask will do) and then the electronics for the eyes and mouth were attached to the top of the mask. A flat piece of plastic was added over the electronics to keep them from bulging through the bodysuit. The bodysuit is a black Morphsuit, and even though it looks like it would be opaque, it’s surprising that you can actually still see through it pretty well. Spark has since acquired some wings and horns, and you’re encouraged to experiment with your own ideas as well.

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