CRAFT Pattern Podcast: Bobble Hat by Fable Handmade Goods

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Today’s CRAFT Pattern Podcast is the Bobble Hat from Fable Handmade Goods. The crafty brains behind the amazing crochet patterns is Jennifer Fletcher. We wanted to introduce CRAFT readers to Jen’s cool business so in addition to our regular CRAFT Podcast Pattern, we also have a short interview with Jennifer to find out more about the inspiration behind the Bobble hat and why she loves crafting.

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Nat: What’s your background in crafting?

Jennifer: I’ve been crafting since I can remember. Like a lot of women in the ’70’s, my mom dabbled in crochet, embroidery and sewing so I was surrounded by handmade things all the time. Sewing was my first love and I would make dolls, doll clothes and even clothes for myself — very odd things that I would actually wear! I got into jewelry-making (beading) in junior high and learned to crochet in college. Being creative is a such an integral part of my existence and I don’t feel like myself if I can’t make something!

Why did you start Fable Handmade Goods?

Jennifer: I started Fable in the fall of 2005. For a long time I wanted to do my own thing, and not punch the clock for the rest of my life. I’ve always been very independent and crafty, and starting my own business seemed like a logical decision. I had been having a lot of fun with crochet, and because it was hard to find patterns that I liked, I decided to design my own.

Nat: Tell me about the Bobble hat – What was your inspiration for creating it? What kinds of outfits would you wear it with?

Jennifer: The very first Bobble Hat I made was for myself a few years ago. I wanted a hat that looked like an acorn cap so I incorporated a lot of bobbles and a little “stem” at the top. I even crocheted a little acorn and oak leaf to use as decoration, as opposed to a flower. I really like the design, so I made a few revisions, and came up with the Bobble Hat pattern I offer on my site today.

The great thing about the Bobble Hat is that it’s a basic shape, without being ordinary. With a pretty ribbon or flower, it’s very romantic and can be worn with a complimentary capelet, wrap cardigan or vintage-style dress. I like to wear my Bobble Hat with jeans! The pattern is quick to make up so you could have more than one to go with various outfits.

Nat: What other pattern do you recommend to compliment the Bobble hat?

Jennifer: Probably my Sweet Magnolia Scarflette pattern ($5.25). I designed it while I was living in the South. Magnolias remind me of old oaks trees with Spanish moss, mint juleps, sweltering afternoons and Southern Belles – very romantic!

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