Craft Podcast Invitation: What Do You Dream of Crafting?

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Let’s get the Craft Audio Podcast started off right!

If you had all the time, money, and resources you needed to craft something really amazing, what would you craft? Think up something really impressive and call 206-888-CRAF and leave a message describing the most amazing craft item that you would make if there were no obstacles or barriers. Hey, you can even imagine that you have assistants to help out! You’ve only got a minute to leave your message, so introduce yourself (or be anonymous) and then leave the message describing your wildest crafting dream! I’ll choose the best messages and include them in the Craft Audio Podcast! Dare to dream!

2 thoughts on “Craft Podcast Invitation: What Do You Dream of Crafting?

  1. futuregirl says:

    That is the best illustration! Totally cute.

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