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CRAFT: Make Space for Crafting

I thought it would be great to share some photos of my own workspace and craft room. This little room in our loft-style condo is door-less and is off to the side when you enter the apartment. To separate it off, I got a large bookcase from West Elm so that it divides the room from the hallway, and so I can use the shelf as extra storage space. This month, I’m in the process of reorganizing the entire space, so it’s actually fun to go back and look at these photos taken only seven months ago. For my birthday this past Christmas Eve, my husband got me a white Koala Cub sewing cabinet. (We got a great deal on the floor model!) This past week, it’s been about purging. We got rid of the large wooden file cabinet which we store useless files and the large shredder that I never liked. The new sewing cabinet is in that area instead and it’s a great space saver since I can store my Bernina sewing machine inside. When folded out, the sewing table is so stable, that I can also swap it out and place my Singer embroidery machine on top when I want to use it. (More on the sewing cabinet later this month.)
The left craft table area has now become my husband’s computer workspace as he didn’t have his own desk in our apartment for the last four years. But since I’m the one mainly using this room anyway, I’m keeping it very crafty and girly as much as I can. I also found that in the day, I liked to craft on the dining room table because it’s by our large windows so I got plenty of natural light and it’s better for project photos.
My goal is to have this space organized with all my crafting supplies so that I can find everything when I need it. I want it more than just organized on the surface because I have a habit of stuffing things inside drawers. My dream is to have everything inside my drawers and cabinets nicely folded, placed, and all put together. So what I’ve been dreading for the last couple of years will happen this month as I completely reorganize my supply closet as well as the space. Oh, and Lulu is still a daily fixture in this room so you’ll see her with her new brown polka dot bed.
I look forward to share with you the process and of course, the final space at the end of the month!
Here are more photos of my craft space.
Craftspace Nat Closeup

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