Pet Spotlight: Lisa Congdon’s Chihuahua Wilfredo

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Pet Spotlight: Lisa Congdon’s Chihuahua Wilfredo

CRAFT: We <3 Pets
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We crafters love our pets and in honor of our theme “We <3 Pets”, we’ll be showcasing a few of our favorite crafters and their furry pals. To kick off our fun Q&A series, today we feature Wilfredo, the adorable Chihuahua mix owned by artist and Rare Device co-owner, Lisa Congdon.
Name of Pet: Wilfredo
Pet Type: Dog, Chihuahua mix
Favorite activity: Fetch
Favorite food: Cucumber slices
What does your pet do when you are crafting? Attempts to get me to play fetch
Best thing about your pet: He never ever stops being cute and lovable.
If your pet could talk, what do you think he/she would say? While I’m eating: “Can I have some of that?”
Can you share a pet tip you’ve learned since having your pet?
Brush his/her teeth every night to avoid gum disease! There are folks out there who do non-anesthetic teeth cleaning to get you on the right track before you start the nightly ritual. Make brushing a fun activity by singing to your dog while you do it, and giving him a treat when you are finished. (Its fine for dogs to eat right after brushing!)
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6 thoughts on “Pet Spotlight: Lisa Congdon’s Chihuahua Wilfredo

  1. Rebecca says:

    Alfredo is the cutest chihuahua! I have an eleven month old female chiwienie, but she is mostly huahuah! She has tulip ears. I want to get her a little brother and I hope I can find one as cute as him. I couldn’t help myself when I saw that post!

  2. samantha hahn says:

    So adorable. Lisa looks so pretty with her little guy!!
    It’s true, there seems to be something about crafty people and dogs.
    I love my pit mix, she’s very good at ripping up paper when we leave the house…perhaps I should do a torn paper craft project?

  3. Michelina says:

    Oh my goodness. I was trying to find photos of Chihuahuas with a similar look to my little guy, and a Google search brought me to Wilfredo. My dog is named Calfredo!

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