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Crest Hardware Art Show

Chas-Big Bolt
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Every year the Crest Hardware store in Williamsburg Brooklyn hosts a collection of work from local artists. The entertaining and often humorous art is displayed along side a familiar selection of tools and supplies. Store manager Joseph Franquinha explains –

My father, Manny, has always impressed upon me the importance of community. As manager of Crest Hardware I am thrilled to provide a unique non- traditional atmosphere to showcase the art work of the creative and vibrant community we service. I have such a love and appreciation for art and I am fascinated with seeing the transformation of basic hardware materials into something other than what they are intended for.

The Crest Hardware Art Show is a real down to earth experience appealing to a broad range of people that live in the community. The ideas and concepts in the show are rendered on a silly and theatrical level allowing for an accessible experience. From previous art shows I remember walking through the store and seeing the “Brawny” paper towel display and had to take to a second look to see that next to it was packages of “Scrawny” paper towels. Surprises and laughter fill the shelves. You may come to run a simple errand but you leave with a little bit of culture and a big sense of community.


With a substantial crowd and well over 150 pieces on display, I wasn’t able to see them all (yet) – but my early favorite is Gregory Barsamian’s Running Man, seen in action below –

see more photos – Hardware Art Show on Flickr

Crest Hardware Art Show
June 7 – July 11
Crest True Value Hardware
558 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3596

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