Crochet Ninja Squid

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Crochet Ninja Squid

We are loving this crochet ninja squid complete with nun chucks and tiny throwing star. Created in the style of amigurmi, this pirate squid “R. Matey” can be found along with all the other cool crafty goods for sale at Etsy. Link.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Ninja Squid

  1. beadgaldesigns says:

    wow, folks. thanks for the mention! I was looking at my shop yesterday going “why the heck are my hits going all crazy?” Surprise surprise, The Ninja Squid (no other name) has been getting famous when I wasn’t looking. Such a devious squid.

    Thanks a bunch for the link and if anyone is interested, The Ninja Squid is just part of a long line of career squids that I’m slowly producing (all by my lonesome, so it’s a bit slow). Feel free to keep checking back at my store for more hot squid action! yeow!


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