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Custom ShapeLock GPS mount



Having a hard time figuring out how to affix your GPS unit to a secure spot on your dash? Crappy suction cup mounts always falling off? Sandbag mounts sliding around all over the place? If you don’t mind sticking things in your HVAC vents, you might consider trying something similar to this custom ShapeLock GPS mount from Portuguese maker Rui Cabral.

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2 thoughts on “Custom ShapeLock GPS mount

  1. Kevin Trotman says:

    If the working temperature of this ShapeLock product is around 140-158 degrees Farenheit, you might not want to use this idea in geographical locations where the interior of the car could and would reach those temperatures in the summer. You may be surprised to find yourself with a mess when you return to your vehicle.

  2. Adric Menning says:

    Word of caution, it gets way over 140F in our cars here in the desert southwest summers, its not good for electronics, but the shapeloc/polymorph/Polycaprolactone plastic may melt even if hidden in the shade.

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