Decorate your room with a Sharpie Marker

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Decorate your room with a Sharpie Marker

Who says decorating has to be expensive? This room was completely covered in amazing illustrations, all drawn with a Sharpie Marker. It’s a cheap DIY project, but it’s going to take a lot of time and talent to complete.

When Charlie Kratzer started on the basement art project in his south Lexington home, he was surrounded by walls painted a classic cream. Ten dollars of Magic Marker and Sharpie later, the place was black and cream and drawn all over.

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6 thoughts on “Decorate your room with a Sharpie Marker

  1. ehrichweiss says:

    My wife just read about this guy and he lives right down the road from us. Too bad I don’t think I know him or else I’d ask to check it out personally.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      I would be very tempted to go knock on his door!

  2. Simon says:

    If you wanted to do something similar but lacked the necessary artistic bent perhaps you could use a projector of some kind to shine images on the walls then you just trace around them with the marker?

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