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From the comments – Ned shows us this very excellent video of “Del’s Beautiful New Wooden Machine”, and beautiful it is!

An intricate hand-cranked machine made entirely of wood and glue (no metal or other materials). It was designed and built by my friend Del, using many different woods and incorporating a variety of mechanical motions. He has made several other wooden machines, but calls this latest one his crowning achievement.

It’s another awesome machine built only for the love of machine-making itself. I’m starting to think think there must be a whole a genre for these devices! Hmmm … come to think of it, I do believe there’s already a name for this type of thing — “art” ;)

6 thoughts on “Del’s wooden machine

  1. Crispin says:

    Awesome machine – I wish I had a grandpa like that.
    Builds a machine that does nothing but is very very cool.


  2. Michael Fusion says:

    so that’s a really big and complicated one of these:

  3. USB 3G says:

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