DesignScene iPad App: Inspiration Explorer

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If you long for design inspiration and have an iPad, pick up this new app called DesignScene. (Watch the video trailer on the homepage.) It’s a real-time inspiration app that is visual! That’s right, now you can surf visually through curated sources that cover everything from art to architecture, illustration to fashion, and photography to typography. The $3.99 app was created by Roger Wong and David Wheeler of Lunar/Theory. Roger is a friend and former design colleague. We worked together for many years and his design taste is one that I admire. It’s no wonder that the app is more addictive than reading my own text-heavy Google Reader. Who needs text when you can move from image to image with ease and constant inspiration? It’s the best way to enjoy your morning coffee I tell you!
Designscene Socialmedia
The interface is easy to use (it’s addictive for me) and instantly brings you beautiful photos and text stories to read. (Photos from 50+ sites and text feeds from 30+ sites.) You can set up how often the stories refresh with a sliding scale that goes from every 5 min to 4 hours. (I set mine to every 30 min.) Add in your Twitter handle and Facebook login and you can tweet and Facebook stories you love to your friends. You can also share links via email too! Get your DesignScene app, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a new way to get information and read the design stories of the moment.

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