Detern – Geschwindigkeitsmessung per WebCam (measure speed by web cam?)

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Detern – Geschwindigkeitsmessung per WebCam (measure speed by web cam?)

Site is in German, but with the software there it appears you can measure the speed of vehicles with a web cam (We didn’t test this out, please be careful, etc..) – Link.

8 thoughts on “Detern – Geschwindigkeitsmessung per WebCam (measure speed by web cam?)

  1. Solarstorm says:

    I was astonished reading german in the RSS Feed. ^^
    And your right, translated it’s mesure speed by a webcam.

  2. Wim says:

    This is an interesting subject. My local university & state dept of trans have done work on this too: Traffic Video: The Use of Uncalibrated CCTV Cameras as Quantitative Speed Sensors. No published software, but some articles.

  3. martinh says:

    The instructions:
    Recommended camera settings:
    1. automatic brightness levels.
    2. saturation to 0 (no color)
    3. the camera must be able to do at least 25 fps.
    4. only 320×240 resolution required.
    5. automatically stops measuring after 3 seconds
    6. Cars require a travel distance of at least 5m to measure, longer vehicles such as trucks and buses require a minimum travel distance of 10m to measure.
    7. Camera must be perpendicular to the road.
    8. a vehicle traveling 50km/h will require 14 ms to travel 10m.
    9. depending on computer speed, the measure points will be polled about 100 to 200 times per second.

  4. suzis2000 says:

    You can also install SpeedCam 2012 from It allows you to measure vehicle speed with your webcam and also make what they call “radar photos”.

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