Diaphanous Multicolor Thread Windings

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Diaphanous Multicolor Thread Windings

I try to avoid superlatives in my headlines, and have been for awhile now. But it’s been a long time since I had such a hard time resisting that urge. Here’s a few that came to mind while I was composing this one about the work of Dallas artist Gabriel Dawe: stunning, magnificent, celestial, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, transcendent. “Awesome,” if it could still be used literally, might also have been in that list.

So, yeah, check it out. As of this writing, Mr. Dawe has an ongoing exhibition of his piece plexus no. 9 at Houston’s PEEL Gallery. Shown above is plexus no. 5. Do not miss clicking through the entire Plexus series at the artist’s site. [Thanks, Billy Baque!]

8 thoughts on “Diaphanous Multicolor Thread Windings

  1. Anonymous says:

    I followed the links to the artist’s website, which contains more photos.  Fascinating work!  

  2. Dave Winterborne says:

    Who wants to point out that none of those words are superlatives? No-one? OK…

  3. Moriash says:

    Unfortunately, the PEEL Gallery showing ended on October 8. Bummer- would’ve loved to see that in person.

    1. liom sarta says:

      bummer? who says that anymore

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