DiResta Forges a Zombie Super-Weapon

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DiResta Forges a Zombie Super-Weapon

Just in time for the night of frights, Jimmy DiResta has posted a video of a gorgeous “zombie weapon” that he made in his blacksmith shop. There are some really clever ideas here and some beautiful forge work.

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Jimmy did this build to keep improving his blacksmithing skills and as part of the Dirty Smith Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Challenge. Mainly, he did it for fun.

I’m not so sure how this weapon would behave in an uprising of the undead, but it’s a cool piece of smithy art, nonetheless. My favorite YouTube comment:

“When The Pumpkins rise up against their oppressors, you and a few other YouTubers will be the only ones prepared to deal with it. The rest of us will be crushed under a wave of gourds.”

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