DIY Boba Fett Jetpack from Scratch

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DIY Boba Fett Jetpack from Scratch


Some things are just better when you make them yourself, especially when it comes to cosplay costumes, as this amazing Boba Fett jetpack made by Pastor Kyle Gilbert clearly illustrates!

Let’s face it, $350 is a lot of cash to be throwing down to purchase a molded jetpack kit to complete your Boba Fett costume. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to put together a jetpack from scratch (at least that’s what I told myself when I started this project). It’s taken me five weeks, and I wanted to share my process in case it might be helpful for others.


Using nothing but cardboard tubing, bondo, spray paint, and some wooden balls and dowels, Gilbert was able to put together a prop that appears to be almost identical the original from materials that you can pick up at practically any hardware store. Although Gilbert warns that the project is difficult to make, he also says that it is the most elaborate project he’s made and he’s very pleased with the results. So if you’ve got a costume that you’re working on, keep in mind that it’s possible to achieve some incredible results from fairly commonplace materials, and if you’d like to make a Boba Fett jetpack of your own, then take a look at this detailed tutorial that Gilbert put together!

[via Laughing Squid]

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