DIY Paper globe packaging…

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DIY Paper globe packaging…

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Funnypolynomial made this paper globe as a gift delivery accoutrament – “Kathy likes globes, and I wanted a unique gift-delivery mechanism, so I printed/cut/folded/glued a rhombicuboctahedron from here … I left the top square unglued so it would open up to reveal the gift (earrings). “Link.

Map Fold-outs, Print, cut, fold and glue paper polyhedra to create your own pseudoglobe – Link.
Papercraft projects @ MAKE – Link.

Globe projects @ MAKE:

  • Globe Lamp – Link.
  • Globe King 500 restoration project… – Link.
  • DIY Plasma globe – Link.
  • DIY LED Spinning globe – Link.
  • HOW TO – Make the continents on a big metal globe – Link.

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