Project: DIY Ombre Block Necklace

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Project: DIY Ombre Block Necklace

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Ombre is everywhere right now and some of the projects are pretty intense. I thought I would try my hand at the ombre look with an easier technique on some vintage wooden blocks for this DIY necklace. You can use any color gradient, paint each block a different color altogether, or go monotone.

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Vintage wood blocks
Acrylic paint For an ombre effect, use one favorite color and mix varying amounts of white.
Ribbon or cord
Power drill
Drill bits
Mixing dish for the paint
Bamboo skewers


2-sanding the blocks-2.jpg
Step 1: For painting, you want the wood blocks to be clean and dry. Sand them with your sandpaper to prep your surface.
Step 2: Take your wooden block to a work space where you can drill, then put something under the block to catch the bit when it goes through. Drill a hole straight through the center of each block using a drill bit that leaves a hole big enough for your ribbon to go through. When the bit goes all the way through, reverse the direction to pull the drill out. Run it through again in both directions to make a clean, smooth tunnel through your block.
3-add first color.jpg
4-paint first block.jpg
4-paint first block-2.jpg
4-paint first block-3.jpg
Step 3: Add some of your paint to your mixing dish and paint your first wooden block. Cover the drill holes but don’t let too much pain drip into them.
5-first block drying.jpg
Step 4: When fully painted, put a bamboo skewer through the hole and rest it on the rim of a bowl to dry. This is a good time to fix any paint smudges that may have occurred while holding the block.
6-mix your second color-1.jpg
6-mix your second color-2.jpg
Step 5: Now you are going to mix a small amount of white paint with your color of choice to create a shade that is slighter lighter than the original color.
7-PAINT second block.jpg
7-paint your second block-2.jpg
7-paint your second block-3.jpg
7-pait your second block-4.jpg
Step 6: Paint your second block with your new shade in the same way you did the first.
8-mix your colors for the 3rd & 4th blocks-1.jpg
8-mix your colors for the 3rd & 4th blocks-3.jpg
Step 7: Create the next two shades by adding increasing amounts of white to the same amount of your color of choice.
9-paint last block-1.jpg
9-paint last block-2.jpg
20-four ombre clocks drying.jpg
Step 8: Paint your last two blocks and place them in the bowl to dry.
11-cut cord.jpg
Step 9: Cut your ribbon or cord to the length you want it.
12-thread blocks 1.jpg
12-thread blocks 2.jpg
Step 10: Thread your ribbon through the drill hole in your first block.
12-thread blocks 3.jpg
12-thread blocks 4.jpg
Step 10: Continue threading the ribbon through the rest of your blocks just like you did for the first. If your ribbon gets stuck at any point, use the bamboo skewers to push it all the way through.
14-all strung.jpg
13-tie the ribbon ends in a bow.jpg
Step 10: When all of your blocks are on the ribbon, tie the ends in a bow and wear it at the length you prefer.
Ombre Necklace voila.jpg
Ombre Necklace voila-1.jpg

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