Get Ready for Easter with these 10 Unique Egg Designs

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Get Ready for Easter with these 10 Unique Egg Designs

Easter is fast approaching. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve collected a list of our ten favorite egg designs. Hopefully at least one of them will inspire you to try something new for Easter this year!

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Solo: A Star Wars Story

Whether you’re a fan of the characters from Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Episode VII: The Last Jedi, or the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, there’s an egg design for you. They’re pretty easy to make (and fun to play with). Just print out whichever character design you want, cut out the pieces, and decorate your egg.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps Marvel is more your speed? If so, check out these printables we shared in our This Week in Making column last year. Like the Star Wars printables, they’re pretty easy to put together.

Doctor Who Dalek

Any Doctor Who fans looking for something to create for young, soon-to-be Whovians to find? Consider painting your egg to look like a Dalek. It’ll take a bit of a time and a steady hand, but we think the final product is well worth it.

Angry Birds

Kids love these Angry Birds eggs. If you’re willing to devote some extra time, you can build some small forts out of wooden blocks, grab some slingshots, and reenact the mobile game in real life. Just make sure you set aside some time to clean up afterwards.

Super Mario

We all go through a Super Mario phase at some point in our lives. Why shouldn’t our Easter eggs? Want to up the fun factor? Make one Princess Peach egg and leave clues to her location. All the wrong spots can feature a Toad with a small note that says, “Sorry, our princess is in another Castle.”

Calligraphy Letters

Three years ago, we fell in love with this Easter egg lettering tutorial. If you’d rather decorate your eggs with letters instead of pictures this year, consider following along.


Combine papercrafts and egg painting to create these mermaid eggs. Admittedly, they’re difficult to break or throw away. They’re just too cute!

Water Balloons

Add a little espionage to your Easter eggs this year by disguising them as water balloons. Your friends won’t know what hit them!

Pretty Decoupage Designs

No time to dye your eggs? Consider trying this fantastic method of combining non-traditional patterns and the colors of your favorite decorative papers!


The scope of these Easter egg designs has tripled since last we covered it. There are a ton of Emojis now and your kids are sure to love trying to map their favorites onto an egg.

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