Book Review: The Machinist Sculptor by Chris Bathgate

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Book Review: The Machinist Sculptor by Chris Bathgate

For years, several of us here at Make: have adored the work of Chris Bathgate. If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably recall that name from long ago in the blog and in volume 30 of the magazine.

Now, Bathgate has put out a massive book of his art, along with stories of his inspiration, lessons learned, and experiences. This book is an art piece of its own, packed with visually stunning art worked photographed meticulously, mixed with behind the scenes views of what industrial art looks like to make.

These spreads are mixes of his art along with what was happening in his life at the time, or how the idea had to transform during the process of creation. In the example above you can see how each piece is explained.

Mixed in are also these beautiful blueprint inspired drawings that use the mechanical drawings of his art to display all the pieces involved. They’re laid out in interesting and unique ways and are fascinating to look at next to each piece, trying to match up what goes where.

what I really love though, is how Bathgate doesn’t shy away from the grimy and gritty reality of machining metal. He embraces it and shows how messy the construction of these streamlined beauties can be. He even expounds on his thoughts of industrial skills being used in art.

I think this book is absolutely incredible and anyone in your life who is a maker in general, but especially someone who dabbles in machining metal will absolutely adore it.

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