The Easiest Remote Control Animatronic Skull With Micro:Bit and Crazy Circuits

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The Easiest Remote Control Animatronic Skull With Micro:Bit and Crazy Circuits

They think treat, we think trick! This DIY talking skull project can be controlled from afar so that you can prank your trick-or-treaters. They’ll think it’s a store-bought Halloween display, but then when it starts to say things that could never have been pre-recorded, they’ll think it’s possessed and run away!!!!!

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Talking skull projects can be tricky to build, but this one is designed to be simple and fun to play with! If you have a drill, some zip ties, and a few fixtures from the hardware store, the project can be put together pretty easily. The electronics in the talking skull are micro:bits, a Crazy Circuits Bit Board, a servo motor, 10mm LEDs, and battery packs. These components are connected using jumper cables and attached to the skull using zip ties as well, so connecting everything is quick and simple. The skull can be found on Amazon, and although a bit pricey, the quality is high and it’s easy to drill the holes into it. I highly recommend it, even though it creeps me out!

Making a skull that moves in sync with your voice is a wonderful experience, so I hope you get a chance to build one and scare the skin off of your trick-or-treaters! Watch the full video for more details on how to build your own. Happy Halloween!

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