When You Can’t Buy A Nadja Doll From What We Do In The Shadows, But You Really Want One

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When You Can’t Buy A Nadja Doll From What We Do In The Shadows, But You Really Want One

For fans of the show What We Do In The Shadows, there is very little to explain here. For the rest of you wondering what the heck is going on, don’t worry, I will take care of you.

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Sometimes a character from a show really speaks to you. In this case, the doll possessed by Nadja’s ghost. – Nadja is a vampire and summoned the ghost of herself from when she was alive, which subsequently possesses a doll – This doll has become a regular character on the show and really stood out to Kat Magdalene, a jewelry artist by trade. Unfortunately, there’s no doll available for purchase.

As you can see in the video above, Kat decided to apply her skills to simply make her own Nadja doll. to do this, she sculpted the doll face in Nomad on the iPad. This is no small feat for someone who doesn’t normally sculpt faces, and I’m impressed with how well she nailed the likeness.

After sculpting, she printed it on her resin printer using a water washable resin. As you can see she’s only really printing the face section, and it doesn’t have eyes. She wanted to use her own eyes in the process, so she left that part out. Once printed, she could scan and print her own iris, plop it in place, then apply a thin layer of resin for the proper visual effect.

If you’re also a big fan of the show and want to make your own, Kat has shared the files for free download. Be sure to go follow Kat on TikTok to keep up with her latest endeavors.

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