Flashback: Pantyhose Earrings

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Flashback: Pantyhose Earrings

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By Jennifer Perkins

For some reason I hoard tights. I have leggings, fishnets, hose, tights, thigh highs – you name it. Sadly, several of these pairs have runs so bad they are no longer wearable. As I always say: If it will sit still long enough, I will make it into a piece of jewelry. Pantyhose are not exempt from this rule.


2 head pins
Plastic flowers
Pair of plain earrings
Floral tape
Fabric glue
Craft felt
2 earring hooks
Jump rings
Flat-nosed pliers
Wire snippers


Pantyhoseearrings Intro

Step 1: The nice thing about this project is that as you are upcycling your old tights, you are also spicing up a plain pair of earrings. Which pair of earrings and hose you choose is completely up to you. My only suggestion is that the earrings be on the large side so that you can see the hosiery print. That leads to my second suggestion – choose a pair of hose with a pattern.

Pantyhoseearrings Step1-1

Step 2: Wrap your hose around the earrings snugly and secure with a small bit of florists tape. Trim off as much excess hose as possible. To make the backs of your earrings look more finished, adhere a small felt circle to the back with fabric glue. Use clothespins to hold the felt in place until it dries.

Pantyhoseearrings Step2

Step 3: You could stop here, but why? I used vintage flowers and some simple wire-wrapping techniques to give my pantyhose earrings a little something extra. Whether you opt to wire wrap or leave the earrings plain, be sure to add a dab of glue to the hole to prevent getting runs.

Pantyhoseearrings Step3

Step 4: Try using different types of hose on different types of earrings. I am quite smitten with these teal fishnet-covered spike earrings.

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Author Jenniferperkins

Jennifer Perkins is an Austin based mama, crafter, blogger and thrift-a-holic. She writes a lifestyle blog about all of that and more!

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